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insta-time: June


disclaimer before we even get properly started: i am an Instaddict. i love me some Instagram. i am crazy about Instagram. i Instagram many things on a regular basis. so, now that we've cleared that up, i've been quite inspired by a number of dinges i've seen on Instagram lately and wanted to share 'em with ya! :D that way, you can see how very cool i am by all the trendy things i like, and you can maybe follow some new cool people and be grateful that i shared them with you. then everyone will like me more and the ultimate purpose of this blog post will be achieved! (i'm just joking, by the way. jokes.) whattaya say - care to take the journey with me?...

first up is the incredible Emily Blincoe, who is an awesome photographer who takes really stunning pics and also likes to arrange things according to their colour. it makes me so happy! look at these salmonberries...
follow Emily: @emilyblincoe.

the next thing i saw that i loooooved was this donut typography. i'll say it again: 
D O N U T   T Y P O G R A P H Y .
i love it because:
a) donuts (Happy Donut Day for Friday, everyone!)
b) typography
c) puns
d) just.
this piece of magic was shared by The Daily Type: @thedailytype.

d'you know what else is nice? i do. Maria-Ines Gul's watermelon socks, that's what. (duh.)
she is here: @mariainesgul.

if you maybe don't know this about me, i love words. i am 100% a book-over-movie person and i adore poems, quotes, phrases, snippets of insightful conversation put down in writing... the whole shebang. i also thing handwritten stuff is the way of the future, so this pic by Nikko Purnama Lukman made my heart happy :)
Nikko is cool and founded @TheDailyType which i've already mentioned before, so you should follow him: @nikkopurnama.

another thing you might not know about me (if you never speak to me, since it's bound to come up in conversation with me at least once a day... hahaha) is that i am really into CrossFit and the CrossFit Games (which is essentially like any other big sporting tournament). like all sporting tournaments, the CrossFit Games has a series of competitions prior to the final tournament itself, in order to determine which athletes from which areas of the world should compete in the final tournament. these competitions are called 'regionals'. at one of the regional competitions which took place throughout last month, Julie Foucher - an athlete i admire a lot and who has been a competitor in the sport for several years - was competing and during one of the events, she suffered an injury to one of her Achilles tendons. this is her last year competing, just to heighten the emotion. she nevertheless continued through as many of the events as she could without worsening her condition, and showed a lot of heart and commitment in the process. watch this video if you want to see her perform an incredible handstand walk (and no, i cannot do that yet) while wearing a moonboot. a lot of the people i follow on Instagram are CrossFit related, and just about all of them had something to say about Julie's injury and her spirit. i particularly loved this photo taken by Hannah Hayworth:
if you'd like to follow Hannah, who takes really awesome photos: @hannahhayworth
or the incredible Julie: @juliefoucher
and if you'd like to read what Julie herself wrote just over a year ago about CrossFit and risk (because a lot of people worry about that sort of thing), here ya go. (she's a med student and i want her to be my doctor. just sayin'.)

next! remember how i love words? erasure is so fun, like this one by Austin Kleon:
great, huh? Austin posts a ton of erasures and other superb pics; follow him: @austinkleon.

the next pic doesn't really need any explanation. it was posted by Street Art Globe, and it's a piece of work by Ernest Zacharevic in Georgetown, Malaysia. also, it's just lovely!
follow Street Art Globe: @streetartglobe.

i love this royal lion paintbrush posted by Dinara Mirtalipova, a very cool illustrator :D
if you like quirky paintings and illustrations, follow Dinara: @mirdinara

halfway there... to celebrate, let's look at some awesome badges that proclaim love for pizza (!) and America (!) and the letter A (!) - a post by Angela Stewart. how beautiful are these? i want them all, please and thaaaanks.
follow Angela: @homework_party.

Becca Clason is awesome because she makes ALL the cool typography out of STUFF. like this JOY word (which i hou van) made out of ROSE PETALS! 
Becca is so great and her work is so fantastic and i'd like to be her one day so much that it makes me talk in CAPITAL LETTERS. Follow her: @beccaclason. seriously, follow her. her work gives me JOY!

then, this. this is where i want to live someday, so props to Kyle Kuiper for finding it for me.
Kyle is from California, so of course i think he's awesome, but he also posts some really incredible photos and you should check him out: @kdkuiper.

lookit how lovely this is! (i should maybe also mention that flowers are something that i enjoy, too. i enjoy many things in life; i wonder if you could tell.) this is a post by Casey Ligon, who is an enormously talented letterer who also does a lot of stuff by hand (like Becca).
Casey is really fantastic and you oughta check her out: @caseyligon.

and heeeeey, CrossFit again! i WILL keep this paragraph brief ;) suffice it to say that this is Kara Webb, and she's one of my favourite athletes; here she is rowing in her backyard with her doggie Willow watching.
Kara's funny, down-to-earth, talented and driven, and she's always a fun addition to my Insta-feed - check her out: @karawebb1.

MORE LETTERING YAY. this is by Lauren Hom, the creator of Daily Dishonesty and one of my favourite people on Instagram. her caption for this? "The only savings account you really need... am I right?" you are  R I G H T, Lauren!
she's here: @homsweethom.

i love this illustration by The Crafty Type: plain and simple!
they are here: @thecraftytype.

and finally, more lettering (did i mention how much i love lettering yes i did). a piece by the proudly San Franciscan Dirty Bandits. this is the best and only time to use the term "bae" - when referring to the City By The Bay. yep.
follow Dirty Bandits for lots more lettering awesomeness: @dirtybandits.

now, it's your turn - what are some cool things you've seen on your Insta-turf? who should i be following? should i get a life outside of the Insta-net? let me know ;)

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